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Bailey Buhr Joins Primary Care Team

Bailey Buhr, PA, joins San Luis Valley Health’s Primary Care Team!

Bailey Buhr may have grown up in Alamosa and left to get her education, but she has returned home to practice medicine. San Luis Valley Health’s Primary Care Team at Stuart Avenue in Alamosa, Colorado welcomes Bailey to the team. During her first week back, during orientation, moving and adjusting to living in Alamosa again, she shadowed Ed Kulp, PA, a well-known and well-liked provider with 38 years of providing quality and compassionate healthcare.

She graduated from the University of Colorado, Denver, in the Child Health Associate/Physician Assistant Program at the Anschutz School of Medicine. She is an alumnus of Colorado Mesa University, in Grand Junction. Bailey completed several of her rotations in the SLV and worked as a Medical Assistant with Dr. Martin Sowards at Rock Creek Family Medicine prior to starting PA school. She also gained experience volunteering in the Cancer Center at St. Mary’s Oncology Center in Grand Junction. Her other clinical rotations included Integrated Dermatology in Montrose, University of Colorado Hospital, Rose Outpatient Medical Center, among several others.

Bailey brings an intelligent, interested, enthusiastic approach to providing healthcare. She knew since elementary school that she wanted to be in healthcare. She has always worked diligently and excelled at her academics and considers herself a constant student, still learning as she teams up with the Primary Care experts at SLV Health. Bailey did not have any family members guiding her into medicine, she has had to learn the culture on her own, while volunteering, working, and during her clinicals. This allows her to appreciate meeting patients where they are in their healthcare journey. Attending PA school during the COVID-19 pandemic made things a bit more challenging, but she was able to finish the 3-year program on time. Being online so much made her appreciate being in the classroom and in the clinical setting even more.

Her parents are Jeni and Greg Goodwin and Larry Jack. She is married to Jason Buhr, a Centauri graduate and state wrestling champ, who has been able to transfer to the SLV as a trooper for the Colorado State Patrol. Between them, they have nine nieces and nephews and are looking forward to being more involved in their lives! To schedule with Bailey, contact SLVH Primary Care at (719) 589-8082.