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Patient Gives Thanks for the Emergency Dept Team

tom and deer

Tom Simpson, from Tularosa, New Mexico, stopped by SLV Health to show off his hand. He said his hand had healed and wanted to thank his very competent caregivers. “Everyone was so kind and professional. From the front desk to the nurse who stitched me up and everyone else, everyone was pleasant and respectful.”

Besides being a hunter, he is a gun dealer, a farmer, and a plumber. “So, you see, I need my hands,” commented Simpson. “My gun blew up in my hand. It is a muzzleloader. I shot a very nice buck and was almost back in the truck when I decided to discharge the gun one more time before taking it home to clean it. Something went wrong, probably a screw got compromised. It blew up and shredded the tips of my fingers and injured the palm of my hand and thumb.

My hunting partner drove me to the SLVH Regional Medical Center emergency department in Alamosa. We were hunting up in the Saguache range and called ahead. I knew to put pressure on it and even held onto some ice. When we arrived, I was treated with respect and concern and above all, professional help. Angela, the Nurse Practitioner, put stitches both inside and out. She had a doctor look it over before she bandaged it up and sent me home.

I could not even imagine that I would have the feeling and movement that I have today...and so little scarring. I had to return to say, ‘Thank you,’ because I am so very impressed! My fingers and thumb are just about back to normal. My follow-up appointment in Alamogordo was with an orthopedic surgeon. He looked at my hand and said, ‘They did a great job. The Lord sure is looking after you.’

During this season of giving thanks, I want to share my deepest gratitude to Angela and the team at SLVH Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department. I am very impressed with everyone in the emergency department in Alamosa. Thank you, all, so very, very much.”