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Chargemaster File

San Luis Valley Health is required to provide a list of charges for all services provided for its hospitals. The chargemaster is a list of all services provided and the charges for those services before any discounts are applied. Most of the time patients do not pay the full charge for services because discounts may be applied, or a patient may qualify for financial assistance. Insured patients may pay lower charges for in-network services based on contractual agreements between the hospital and the health care plan. To obtain an estimate that is specific to your situation, please call Patient Accounts at (719) 587-6364.

This comprehensive list of charges is not a tool for obtaining an estimate for what your health care services may cost you out of your own pocket. Revised 7/30/2019.

Clickhere for the San Luis Valley Health Regional Medical Center chargemaster.

Click here for the Conejos County Hospital chargemaster.

Click here for the San Luis Valley Health pharmacy chargemaster.