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Youthful mother holding babyFamily Medicaid is a public health insurance program for Colorado children 18 years of age and younger, and for parents with dependent children.

Long-Term Medicaid can cover nursing home care. It also covers home-based and community-based services where medical providers come into the home to provide services to help keep a disabled person from being instituationalized in a nursing facility or hospital.

Who Is Eligible?

View eligibility requirements and the application process here.

You may also qualify for Medicaid if you are pregnant, looking for medical assistance for your family or on behalf of your child.

Individuals 65 years or older who have been determined disabled by the Social Security Administration may also qualify for Medicaid.

How To Apply

The application for Family Medicaid is the same application used for CHP+. If you apply for Family Medicaid, but are rejected, your application will be forwarded to CHP+.

Check If You Are Eligible for Medicaid